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Tank destroyers

With the changes to how tanks function from PS1, I can see armor pushes becoming VERY popular. It needs a more solid counter. One that armor can't just steamroll right from the getgo.

It's easy to see why they removed artillery. Which is why I think it is only fair to have a replacement that, while still indirect, could be seen coming and is easily able to be countered.

Enter the Tank Destroyer. It would be a tank that is specifically made to take out armor from a defensive position.

They would have powerful, pinpoint accurate anti-vehicle guns and have thick armor in the front capable of withstanding many more tank shells than a regular MBT can.

For as powerful as they are against ground armor, their weaknesses are numerous. Hard counters include infantry, MAXes, aircraft and armor coming from behind.

On top of that, in order to fire, they must lock down their vehicle first. Which can take some time. And without a turret, they are limited to a small cone in which they can target enemies. They also have a VERY long reload time. So they're easily overwhelmed.

They're a flawed defensive placement that, when used properly, could kill an armor push. Encouraging wider varieties of tactics than just tank rushing.

Of course, we're not even certain that we'll need this. But it is something to keep in mind just in case ground armor is a little too good.

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