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Originally Posted by Hmr85 View Post
There is enough counters in the game already that we shouldn't need another Vehicle. If they roll armor you also have the option to roll armor to counter. Also, they gave Infantry a deterrent called a rocket launcher that works great.

Nobody would ever roll MBT's if there was a "Tank Destroyer". All people would ever be using is Tank Destroyers to destroy other Tank Destroyers. So really there is no point in having them.
You wouldn't really be able to use tank destroyers to spearhead any assault because of the requirement to lock down first.

Of which, that basically means that they have to spend like 5 seconds or so deploying so that they can fire their gun. But this also means they're completely immobile.

You could probably use a tank destroyer to support an assault but a defending tank destroyer would always beat an attacking one.

Originally Posted by super pretendo View Post
What exactly happened
The biggest change was that they made it so that tank drivers operate the main gun too. Which means that there are going to be a lot more tanks around.

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