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Originally Posted by VioletZero View Post
There a few balancing factors missing.

First off, MBTs have turrets. In order for this vehicle to work, it can't have a turret.
I said a more powerful gun sacrificing TRAVERSE/rof.

Second, I'm fairly certain that they come with machine gunners. Which would remove one(or two) of the main counters which kind of defeats the point.
Tanks do come with secondary guns, true. But there needs to be a person for that secondary gun for it to function and in your scenario the same could be accomplished by having a second vehicle/emplacement (go engies!) with such a gun.

Third, part of what makes the vehicle worth a damn is both its high accuracy and high power. If it can load an enemy tank into a weakspot, it goes down. Which is sort of what it needs to work, and I doubt that a tank part will have both the accuracy and power needed.
Again I said a POWERFUL gun sacrificing traverse/ROF

But after all this what I think you are actually looking for is not a vehicle but a antitank gun emplacement (go engies!)

addendum: I'm not trying to shoot down your idea so much as redirect it. Adding superspecialized vehicles to the game is not a good idea. Adding skills that allow for varied tactics using the standard vehicles is.

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