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Re: Cockpit View - should it be forced? More options.

Originally Posted by kertvon View Post
Forced. I do get the logic of having third person for parking/,manuevering tight spaces, but that is what practice is for. I think forcing it is an excellent addition to separate the expert from beginners.

I want to be able to bring a galaxy into a tight spot and feel like I have reached a pinnacle because I know how to fly.
Have you seen my streams? I can fly a any aircraft and land any aircraft with a lot of skill. The point is this is a fast paced game, and when you have a full platoon waiting for you to land, 3rd person makes it so much smoother. And I'm sure they all wont clap their hands when you park between the 2 big trees. But I'm sure as hell they will have your life if you hit on of them and the thang gans pop!!

This isn't Microsoft Flight Sim, this is war and time is essential.

Also (now we are off topic a little) its occasionally nice to be able to see your vehicle when your flying/driving it. I like to see them, they look amazing. Look how many times Higby used 3rd person in the GDC video.

Sorry to change topic a little.
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