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Re: Cockpit View - should it be forced? More options.

Originally Posted by elfailo View Post
If they weren't put in at all, everyone would also be "playing the same game".
This is correct, and does not change anything. Having a Cockpit view party obscured VS. someone who does not does grant an advantage.

Everyone needs to be playing the same game.

Originally Posted by Lonehunter View Post
Since it's something that effects game balance, it should be forced.

This is similar to PS1's ground foliage problem. It was nice to turn on, and since my PC could handle it I wanted it on, but everyone turned it off because it got in the way.

People with a cockpit view are obviously at a disadvantage, it's a smaller field of view. If it was an optional thing, anyone with a competitive mind set (which should be everyone) will just turn it off. Immersion is nice but it doesn't trump performance


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