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Re: The Origin of Forge Light (Speculation)

Originally Posted by Eyeklops View Post
I think your wrong. Higby wants so badly for PS2 to be amazing that he made a deal with Satan for the game engine. The name "Forgelight" was only used as a bad joke aimed at God by the Devil. The code is so full of black magic and demon script that any devs who attempt to reverse engineer it die to instantly to intense projectile diarrhea. So keep digging into this subject if you dare, but I suggest wrapping yourself in a man-sized garbage bag to make the cleanup easier for your kin.
Almost, but it was Hefaestos, not Satan. Satan does not exist after all. The Forgelight is a reference to the vulcano forge of Hefaestos with which he makes awesome weaponry.

I mean it's obvious.
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