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Originally Posted by Rbstr View Post
Depending on her usage, though...think about getting an SSD instead. Does she have a lot of games/videos? If so this isn't a good idea...but if she only plays like two things and has a music collection it might be fine.
You can't even fit Windows 7 on that disk. I have an 80 GB SSD and I have only Windows 7 on it, nothing else installed there, and the OS is still consuming a whopping 70 GBs.

Obviously a clean install isn't going to take that much, but as cruft accumulates it slowly begins to bloat.

Not to mention that a tiny SSD isn't doing any good in a low end rig to begin with.

Personally I would recommend going with more muscle than an i3. Get an i5 or a lower end i7 and it will go a long way. Obviously you'll need to spend some more money on it, but you don't want to be re-upgrading it right away do you
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