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I do have an A6-3650 APU (Llano), and it DOES run TF2 at 1600x900 with all settings maxed out at 30 FPS minimum. But my soon-to-be-upgraded HD 5770 (which is a whole 2 years older than the Llano) mated to a Phenom II X4 980 BE has to be locked at 60 with VSync.

AMD's integrated graphics run circles around Intel HD graphics... but only just. Even a $70 discrete card is better than the top-of-the-line AMD integrated stuff. The only time AMD's APU really make any significant sense is in a laptop. On a desktop, you can't really use them for too much more that just running the desktop, comparatively speaking.

That and the fact that the Trinity simply improves Bulldozer/Llano to be the 10% above Phenom that it should've always been doesn't bode well for AMD here. Intel's modern stuff is more than one step ahead here.
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