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Re: Planetside Nostalgia: First Outfits

This is hilarious, AWESOME, and a tribute to NC players/outfits! One empire - NC - one deactivated outfit - THE RENEGADES! - and we almost hijacked this thread in a couple pages. I guess we had a quite a special outfit.

Yes, The Renegades will be reforming in PS2. Many of us are playing in PS1 now. I'm currently in Blue Lions with AlekseyGV.

As far as remembering outfits, I remember the Blue Lions, Sturmgrenadier, Freedom Defenders, and The Fluffy Bunnies!

Nostalgia: I found this YT vid again of some of our black ops -

Here is a Roster to summarize who's who. I'm hoping almost everyone will reform the Renegades, or at least throw us an alt (if there are alts).

"Fish" FishboneFisanick (willing to lead/organize PS2)
Timithos (playing PS1 w/ Blue Lions; willing to lead/organize PS2)
Mophugger (willing to lead/organize PS2)
AlekseyGV (playing PS1 w/ Blue Lions)
SS89Goku (playing PS1 w/ Freedom Defenders)
Zorachus (playing PS1)
Brentx (playing PS1)
HeHatesMe (playing PS1 w/ Freedom Defenders)
Crator (playing PS1)
esquared (playing PS1 W/ Freedom Defenders)
Shadowfaxs/Hotcakes (playing PS1)
Poeboy (playing PS1 w/ Blue Lions)
And... Angrymason, Warready, SoClose, Jaden2, Solonor, Dregor, Dragonscourge, Gosnell, MadMooseMilitia, Hackx, Yetiee, Zekeen, NCLynx

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