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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Gugabalog View Post
Why i it we cannot go back to the old system?
Because this is a new game. It is not Planetside with better graphics. SOE's words not mine, I personally love how tanks worked before but I just think its highly unlikely that change will happen.

Originally Posted by Gugabalog View Post
Also, a 3 person crew is far from realistic. It's the greatest possible oversimplification without rewarding solo tankers.
This word has very little meaning in this game. A game set in the future, with nanites and re-spawning as part of the lore can very easily justify a tank operate by 0 people. This game is not a military simulator, Planetside 1 was not and that is something they will not be changing for Planetside 2, in fact in a lot of ways its becoming more arcade-like to attract mass amounts of people. Not saying its all good, but that's the way it is.

Also the Leopard 2 has a crew of 4. 3 is not very far from realistic. With advanced technology that takes control of loading and targeting, I fail to see how this is unrealistic.

From what I understand about the tanks so far in Planetside 2 is that they only reach their full potential when they are manned by 2 people anyway. Without someone to gun the secondary weapon the vehicle (being slow) is extremely vulnerable to combined infantry attack, or air power. So solo tankers in a sense aren't getting a full MBT if they go alone. Hotswapping is irrelevant because of the timer on it and because both guns cannot be fire simultaneously.

On a side note I would really suggest ARMA II to you as a more realistic game. Not the Dayz mod that you may have heard of, but the vanilla game itself. You can find some really sweet Milsim groups that will give you exactly what your looking for. The ACE mod adds even more realism and when played with a group of good players, makes for some awesome experiences.
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