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Originally Posted by Gugabalog View Post
I think the MLRS would work better for the TR due since it can fire very rapidly.

And then give the NC some sort of big rail gun?

Maybe a plasma mortar for the VS.
The MRLS will fire a volly of 5 cluster rockets fast but in a group then it has to cool down or aka reload. Thus slowing the rate of fire. The volly will be a scatter of cluster rockets so while it has a wider area of effect the scatter pattern will be rather erratic. Sort of like a shotgun pattern of cluster bombs.

The TR is simply straight foward. Shelling about 20 rounds before a reload continuing to shoot at an area and let the recoil do the scattering of the blasts. But if you see what rock or patch of ground they are shooting at you can move around or away from that.

As for the VS well you know they take the worse of both worlds being the lower rate of fire and the lower aoe and make something better of it such as longer range. So sort of like what the flail is now. The TR and NC can exchange fire from a couple of hexs away. The VS will do it from half a cont away.

Oh and that is because of the way I saw the empire vehicle charastics and their strategy.

TR has extra gunners, heavier armor, and faster rate of fire.

NC is more ballanced between speed and armor but has higer damage per shot, or in this case a better area of effect so it won't need to fire as fast as the TR.

The VS has the lightest of armor, however compensates with better manuveribility, decient speed and longer effective range, the VS has to rely on versality rather than the raw firepower or damage output that the other 2 empires have.

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