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Re: Another Artillery Thread

I would like to see a two-man SPG with a driver and a gunner. The vehicle would auto-reload after every shot (about 10-15 seconds), but would only carry a small number of shells (e.g 20). After running out, the vehicle would have to be taken to a vehicle depot to get more shells.

Firing would present the gunner with a simplified chart of the map, showing contours and buildings (only large facilities marked by name). The gunner would choose a location on the map, and the gun will adjust and fire at that location. It will be inaccurate, nothing like aim-at-an-individual-soldier like World of Tanks arty. The gun would have a limited traverse (e.g 10 degrees), so the driver would have to turn the vehicle if the gunner wants to move onto a different target.

Anyone could be a driver, but the gunner would have to be a cert. It could possibly be limited to engineers, but that might be too limiting. A front hull-mounted MG could be certed in, as could shell sidegrades (e.g. smaller shells are less powerful, but take up less space so you can fit a few more in). The driver's role whilst firing would be to update the gunner on targets and/or to patrol the area against attackers.

What do you think of this idea?

Edit: Suggested range of 2 kilometers. Also, shell tracers could possibly be seen coming from firing location by aircraft or people on high buildings. This would help to allow counter-battery fire and tracking down of arty by other factions.

Further edit: Vehicle basically the same for all factions, but with some ES weapons and upgrades.

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