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Originally Posted by igster View Post
Excellent use of the word bloviating to tell others not to use big words. When people stop arguing a point and start arguing over dictionary definitions of words, then is this not the original meaning of Bloviation? Just talking nonsense and not arguing any meaningful points.

Of course interdict means to impede the flow of (supplies) or hinder the use of a road. What else did you think it meant? You need a picture?

Back on topic : logistics are modelled pretty well in Planetside 1. I hope Planetside 2 also have some similar type of depth to the gameplay rather than just COD/BF style zerging around shooting stuff.

[read on only if interested in english language, grammar and dictionary definitions of stuff.... I expect most people to scroll past this crap]

The use of the suffix -able is derived from ability and produces an adjective meaning 'capable of, suitable for, or deserving of'.
You might not find it in a dictionary with it's suffix but it doesn't mean it is any less valid a way of constructing words in the English language.

'interdict' + '-able' in this post means

an ANT is a supply vehicle capable of being interupted by military operations.

It is capable of being interdicted according to your fifth definition.

Now can we stop being pedants about the terminology used and actually discuss gameplay.

Nothing wrong with my credibility here my friend. Nothing particularly wrong with the use of english. Thanks for the pointers though.
The ANT was sort of alright for a kinda logistics system. But there should be more of them.

1) One ANT able to resupply an entire base that's been fighting for an hour is just not enough. Sometimes that ONE slips through heavy fighting and it's like, "lame". So there should be like 1 ground vehicle supply vehicle per every couple of minutes

2) Players directly driving logistics vehicles is just boring. So it should be AI controlled.

The point of logistics is to properly simulate warfare, otherwise the game is just a mindless shoot em upper with no direction whatsoever, where players only care about killz and statz.

Originally Posted by igster View Post
So the supply of NTU into a facility isn't related to logistics. What is the purpose of an ANT? It is an interdictable resource dispenser taking it from a warpgate (unit of production) into a facility.

What is the lattice? Is it not an interdictable means of supply of benefits to a front line base?

Lattice is no-linky no-cappy.
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