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Re: Need help building computer. Will this $768 config handle PS2?

the gtx 560 should be good enough, but if you can, get the ti version. the difference is there. i run a 550ti and the SOE devs estimate mid range graphics without problems which would be perfectly fine for me. if you are looking for better than mid range graphics, the 560ti would be a step in the right direction. if you want GOOD graphics, look towards the gtx 600 series as they are currently the best in the nvidea line.

as for AMD, i dont know which are comparable, but im sure a simple google search will find what you are looking for. but i usually go nvidea for GPUs.

as for the case, if you are worried about the one recommended by the others, i have a Xion Predator 970 Gaming Series Mid Tower Case w/ 2 External Removable HDD Bays. it offers me PLENTY of room for any upgrading i plan on and has plenty of space for the biggest GPUs.
however i am not familiar with that mobo setup and spacing.

hope this helps at least somewhat.

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