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Re: Another Artillery Thread

I'm all for artillery(realistic artillery, no)

A paladin like vehicle for each faction(judging from alot of knowledgable posts, I'm not going to explain what a paladin is, I'm sure you guys get it)

Very slow moving vehicle(this puts bridges back into the limelight as current mechanics have sort of reduced the value of bridge battles, i.e. jump packs, squad spawning, tons of spawn points, hovertanks and so on)

Vehicle has a 3 kilometer range at most(if a map is 16k by 16k this keeps artillery from dominating the entire map) with its main gun.

Forward Observer has to give a grid(I don't care if its pulling up a specced map and guestimating, but it should be somewhat challenging)

Artillery has 10 meter radius(so 20 meter kill zone, 30 meter damage area), and artillery is only 75% accurate, meaning the more you fire, and adjust, the more you run the risk of a nasty fratracide incident)

Tank can be two manned, or one manned with driver getting out and manning gun, either way, doesn't matter.

Gun has a 10 second reload, with cert speccing reduction a possibility(so you can cert artillery and get the gun time down to 5 seconds, and maybe larger kill zones)

All of this makes artillery dumb by its self unless your putting down hail mary fire on enemy close to your safe zone, but if you want to push towards the other side of the map, its slow going, and you need volley fire from multiple paladins(I'm an 11b infantryman, and I would love clearing woodlines, ridges, and bridges for enemy to allow artillery to move up)

Something like this would lead too-only very well coordinated factions would ever be able to move them across the map,

Two. They would be much more helpfull when your getting rofl stomped back to your main safe zone, meaning lonewolfers or outnumbered forces could bring artillery out of the safe zone and try to halt by fire the advancing forces.(plus if the only spawn point is your safe zones the closer you get to the enemy's safe zone, the nastier the fight gets.)

I want realistic combat I do, but it won't work.

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