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Re: Another Artillery Thread

I like this more, than the idea of an orbital strike.
But i would see the artillery more like this:
  • Low speed when moving.
  • Must be deployed (20 Sek) to shoot
  • Need a Infiltrator with a special Cert (Change Scanbolts with GPSbolts)
  • Less armored against aircrafts and other tanks
  • Can only shoot with GPS Data, and only become the GPS data from nearby zones. (closer than the respawn range)
  • the infiltrator and the arty pilot must be in same squad (to reduce GPS dataspam)
  • Artillery can only be buyed on artillery terminals, and they should be rare
  • Artillery can not shoot out of the warpgate securefield

In this situation the arty is a teamplay vehicle. You have to defend your artillery, if you don't, the enemy aircrafts have some free kills.
And without a Infiltrator at your side, this tank will be useless.

There are 3 kind of artillery strikes:
  • VS = Orbital strike - Shoot a beam of high energy to the orbit and reflect him on target. Causes hard damage on a medium arearange, short reloadtime.
  • TR = Cluster strike - Shoots a serie of clusterbombs, they spray over the targetzone. Every Cluster causes hard damage on a low arearange, medium reloadtime
  • NC = Artillery strike - Shoots a single artillerygrenate, causes hard damage on a high arearange, long reloadtime

i think it's better than a orbital strike with a lasermarker and without many teamplay. it need a good squad to defend your artillery.
The artillery can not be used for rushing, because of the low movingspeed, but if you can defend you artillery, you can turn a long battle to a win.
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