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Re: Another Artillery Thread

Crazy idea:

What if instead of launching explosive rounds, the "artillary" gun launches explosive devices similar to mines or C4?

Like say...

Timed Bomb - Fires an explosive shell that hits the ground before arming and waits about 3 seconds before exploding. It can be diffused by infantry before its time is up,(indicated by flashing and beeping before it explodes).

It has a largish area of effect but its damage is such that infantry with full health, shields, and a rank or two of flak armor can survive a blast. I'm imagining medics acting as bomb diffusal squads. Flak armor to survive the explosion and then healing themselves up in case they miss one (plus revive fallen allies).

Ideally, these would work as area denial mostly in that people can see them and react in time to flee or difuse them before they blow. Fleeing enemy can lose cover to get picked off by allies while those focused on difusing the bombs for XP would be distracted with that and probably get themselves blown up if they fail.

The bombs should have a high-damage but very low area when they first drop (basically killing anyone they land on directly.. maybe decent damage against tanks if they hit dead-on).

The larger explosion is the secondary effect which can be avoided if someone diffuses the bomb. The guy firing the gun can get some XP from the first hit if he has a decent spotter, but the big AOE damage only happens if nobody difuses the bomb in time.

This formula could be altered so the gun launches anti-tank or anti-infantry mines (each one large enough to see and with a delay before arming) which must be disarmed in different ways. Tank mines can be easily disarmed by infantry and only detonate in the presense of vehicles. While anti-infantry mines are dangerous to difuse the normal way, but infiltrators can cloak and 'hack' them or they can just be shot from a distance.

Then, there can be other launched stuff like teleporter pads, radar drones, or whatever.

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