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Re: Ideas for the "Rich get richer" problem

Socialism! Your resources are my resources!

Seriously though, I don't know if there's an actual way to combat the rich getting richer, or how big of an issue it will end up being. I'm not entirely sure how resource spending works. I think Higby put it as "Your empire pays you resources out like dividends for having territories". I assume you get more, the more territories you own.

But how does spending work? When you buy a weapon, attachment, vehicle etc. is it a one time unlock? Or do you have to repurchase it everytime? What's the average cost of a weapon/vehicle/attachment? Can you still purchase weapons if you're resource starved with station cash?

Territory capture is one of the features I'm really excited for, but there are a few possible problems it could cause. Perhaps it will work out like PS1, where you beat the shit out of an empire until they're left whimpering in their sanc warpgate, then after everything settles down they start to slowly cost back their conts, or in this case territories. But since territories are a lot more important this time around than bases/continent lock incentives, are people going to be more adamant on keeping territories since it supplies this with resources? Guess we'll have to wait on beta to see how exactly this whole system works and functions.

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