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Re: Ideas for the "Rich get richer" problem

Originally Posted by Skitrel View Post
I'll copy what I said elsewhere on this topic as a matter of keeping info all in one place.

I think the rich getting richer will balance against the fact that defending their own territory gets harder and harder the more they own. Making it so that capturing territories of a faction that has more territory than everyone else will be quicker than capturing territories of factions with fewer territories would essentially make it impossible to sustain a larger number of territories for any length of time.

If the balance is right on this, it should make the fight do the balancing, as opposed to the resources. They might be the tougher, harder faction due to higher resources, but they still can't defend everything at once with ever quicker capture times.
I remember them saying something about that the more adjacent territory hexes you have near you, the faster capture bonus you get for the next territory, as a means to prevent backhacking.

They gave an example of "it will take an empire hacking an enemy empire's hex surrounded by other hexes of that same enemy empire 30 minutes to complete, but it would take the defending empire 30 seconds to resecure."

Of course, this was back when we had seen little to no game footage and Higby was just answering random questions on Reddit, so who knows how much that's changed since.

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