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Re: Ideas for the "Rich get richer" problem

Originally Posted by noxious View Post
Just use variable hack times. If your faction owns all but one or two hexes, hacking the last two hexes will take 5 or 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the other guys can hack adjacent hexes in seconds, and they can back hack in a minute or two.
As I replied to someone in the other thread as well, I doubt the hardest part of defending/capturing bases will be the hack times.

Either you sorta have it in control or you don't. EDIT: To clarify, naturally hack times make a difference and you often get bases resecured if you have time, but the point being that the poor getting poorer might have really hard time getting anywhere near the CC, if the rich getting richer can afford just about anything, while the poor are stuck with grunts.

If the pinned down faction can't even get out of their foothold, a short hack time doesnt help much cos you cant even get to the CC cos they have the man/gear power to stop you.

That said, other ideas I thought about the rich getting richer could be that if you have low pop and/or territory, you could get bonus resources (much like the low pop bonus exp in PS1). That would still require you at least have some resource income, but then again it could just make fighting over territory for the resources "boring", cos the losers still get a good amount of resources just for sucking

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