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Re: Ideas for the "Rich get richer" problem


Hear me all ye who fear the coming wrath of the imba faction! As there are 4 kinds of resources, we shall simply make it so that once you are down to a significantly lower amount of bases your empire gets "Emergency supplies" in the form of ONE resource! Preferably the resource that makes plain warfare easier but which still doesn't give you any of the many other benefits of the other resources, thus retaining the motivation - beside the obvious fun - of taking over other bases but still not making it so that a faction loses the ability to fight.

It could even function in the same way that a cornered animal bears teeth so that as a faction you'd be rather strong in the tank/air/max department once you are pushed really far, thus motivating the imba faction to turn its attention to the third empire instead of you.

Thank you all for your attention, that's one more problem solved by me. Autographs will be signed exclusively on womens breasts, and any muffin-donations should be sent to my agents office.

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