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Re: Ideas for the "Rich get richer" problem

I honestly think it will balance itself fairly naturally, because there's 3 empires.

If TR own 70% of the continent, the VS and NC would both normally gang up on them. This is entirely natural - the "CR5's" or whatever the top commanders are will be inclined to attack the strongest empire. Both weaker empires will think this simultaneously. Plus, if TR owned 70% of the continent, it's just naturally more likely that they'll encounter both empires and less likely the two weaker empire's will physically come into contact.

Imo, that should be enough. Because remember, we don't want it to get progressively more difficult to hold on to more territory by a massive amount, because if one empire is winning, they should have the upper hand until another empire is able to overturn them with tactics and hard work.

The progressive difficulty to hold onto territory should only be reasonably subtle.
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