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Re: So, there's weather. What about VIOLENT weather?

I have some ideas about weather patterns:

1) Imagine fog that reduces visibility to 10 metres, that would be almost no vehicle usage and people on foot would have to keep a sharp eye out for people and not get lost.

2) I just thought of something probably annoying to some people but sounds awesome, Electric Storms that mess with equipment so it makes rader go fuzzy, communications become staticy and your HUD might fuzz a little, that would be an awesome anti vehicle weather.

3) Maybe if you are lucky then you could fly through a huge cloud that slowly engulfs your plane and creates a tunnel of electric storm that teleports you to some random location on the map, and if you hit the edges of the tunnel then you blow up because of the force of the winds.
So if it happens in real life it most certainly could happen on a weird planet we know nothing about.

Could make flying lots of fun.
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