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Re: So, there's weather. What about VIOLENT weather?

I think wheather absolutely needs to be in the game in some form, but I can only really see certain types being used and certain affects being fun.

1. Rain storms, regular variety and thunderstorms:
These could affect vision (regular rain just adds rain, thunderstorms could darken the area affected and of course have thicker rainfall)
Traction in vehicles (pretty self explanitory)
And in a thunderstorm perhaps winds affecting long range weapons like sniper rifles by adding minor horizontal drift.

2. Snow fall / Blizzards:
Almost identical to rain and a thunderstorm
Effects vision (in obvious ways)
Traction, same as rain but maybe a tad bit worse.
A blizzard could perhaps slow down some vehicles a tiny bit and wouldnt darken the world like a thunderstorm would.

3. Sandstorms:
Could have a mild and extreme variety, so they vary in intensity.
Effects vision heavily, more if its a heavier storm.
Doesn't really effect traction.
High winds can effect long range fire.

Basically these are three varieties with a mild and an extreme version.

You could say sandstorm effects weapons by adding weapon jamming or blizzard effects communications and makes them suffer or your minimap is effected but that sort of stuff to me gets in the way too much.

I want weather and I would like it to change the way we play but not in too excessive of ways.
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