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Outfit recruitment post guide

This is by no means a template to use, I post this as a guide for you to use so members can get relevant info about your outfit and perhaps some questions your outfit needs to ask itself too. You probably don't need to answer all the questions about your outfit depending on the details you answer each question with but you should probably at least have all the basic info as a quick reference guide for potential members trying to look through hundreds of outfit recruitment threads.

Heading: Outfit Name, faction(use the drop down) and time zone/location

Basic Info:

Time zone:
Server Location: (US East, US West, Europe)
Short description: (brief one sentence description, coving preferred play style and type of players you are / are looking for)
Member Target:

About your outfit and its history.
Some things to cover could be:
  • When and where the outfit was formed, by who and for what purpose.
  • Prior games your outfit has played and achievements in them.
  • What your outfit values in players and in games.

How will your outfit possibly play in PS2 and what are your goals?
You could list your preferred vehicle and/transport or how you plan to win at internet warfare.

What does your outfit offer?
Small tight knit community, oppressive military dictatorship, competitive players, a fun and friendly environment, candy?

What sort of members you’re looking for?
Casual, hardcore, elitist, new player, communicative, are there any specific classes you’re looking for?

What to expect from your outfit?
This maybe a duplicate you may want to delete depending on how in depth you have covered prior questions.

Are you playing any games together now or what are you doing in the lead up to PlanetSide 2?

Any outfit rules or requirements you may have.
Age requirements, whether you need a microphone, forums registration, your tolerance to swearing and general internet hate.

What should a potential recruit do if they want to join?
Officer contact details website and instructions to join.


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