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Exclamation [NC Helios] Corporate Legion (COLG)

GeorgeWBushTRON here,

Corporate Legion [COLG] is a medium sized, 804 member NC Outfit based on Helios. We're a tight knit group with an established command structure and S.T.U. (Special Tactics Unit). We have a platoon(s) up almost every-night with upwards of 2-3 active on weekends, so you'll always find someone to roll with.

As said above, all are welcome, but here's what we're most interested in atm:
1. Pilots
2. Competent, dedicated players for the S.T.U.
3. Dedicated Vanguard, Sunderer, and Galaxy drivers.

If you'd like to apply, we're always looking for new members and officers. (Officers are required to be signed up on the website and active on TS3) Go ahead and visit our applications page on our forums: (official site) (official site forums)

Efficiency, Power, PROFIT!

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