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So I've noticed with Optimization there's a brand new Garage at Scarred Mesa Skydock, Not sure if the same model garage exists anywhere else, much bigger and in my opinion a whole heck of alot cooler then the little garages we get on the Essamire bases that have holes in the roof and it got me to thinking...

Garages are meant to protect your vehicle or safeguard it to a degree while your either hiding or repairing...

Well, can we get Aircraft Hangars? Be cool to land my aircraft for once and not have to be to concerned about a Tank coming over the hill and taking potshots at my bird!

At the very least I figure sense Amp Stations give Air-Resources then they are pretty much the default Air-Base of Planetside2, shouldn't they atleast have more landing pads and maybe a Hangar for aircraft on the landing pad?

Or Tech-Plants have those massive landing platforms and are meant to be these giant factories producing war-machines, can they get a Aircraft Hangar on the landing pad?

Just a discussion, what do you think about the idea of Aircraft Hangars sense ground vehicles get there own Garages?
only problem is getting the ESF efficiently in. We would need something like forward thrusters that would allow the ESF to move forward while grounded.
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