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[VS] New outfit on Briggs!

To keep things semi short and sweet, I'm looking at starting a brand new VS outfit on the Briggs server. Not a massive zerg outfit, I don't wish to compete with the larger more established outfits, but a smaller, tactical support outfit, able to maneuver around the map quickly to provide a quick, skilled numbers boost to anywhere that needs it.

I don't wish to be the leader of this outfit, I want a leadership team but I think for the better of the outfit the leadership group should be equal in standing. That said, there should still be a well defined gap between leadership group and members for the sake of maintaining the leadership groups authority.

If anyone is interested in being a part of this project, send me a message. I think if this idea works we could be very respected on the Briggs server as well as a valuable tactical asset to Vanu server wide!

Now, some about me!

I'm not new to the game but I don't pretend to be a veteran. I have over 125 hours play time, with nearly 95 hours of heavy assault, 20 hours of infiltrator, and lately about 10 - 15 light assault. I have worked tactically before with some friends IRL who used to play but have quit, hence me attempting to form this new outfit. I enjoy playing a support role for larger outfits, whatever that job entails, but I also like getting into the thick of it with good players who I trust to have my back!

If you like what you have read, please, send me a message so we can attempt to get this up and running!


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