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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Rumblepit View Post
There are 2 sides to every story...

They think the Community Clash is a joke, and they think the rules are a joke.This is who they are. I'm done here.
OMG you are a piece of work, pulling me into this shit storm! Do not quote me from my site out of context when you do not know me or my history

Please visit to see the whole story. I was commenting in ignorance of not even have read or known this thread was going on and not even having flown with TGWW for well over a month while I was attempting to work with an old outfit to help them step up their air game to make our Mattherson air even more competitive..

I cannot wait for a rematch you go ahead and pull in any ringers you want and the now "official" TGWW will eat you for lunch and puke you out because it tasted like shit.

Dread I am sorry posting to the APG before reading this thread and any problems I may have caused. My bad.
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