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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Karzi View Post
I already knew everything else than Mattherson is a joke , and shit like this makes me even more arrogant.
Oh boy

This thread was really disappointing, and I was less than impressed with TXR's "official" response. Just shake hands, say GG and accept the results of the clash. You got beat by some of Mattherson's finest in the air on a map that currently favors air superiority. The deck was not in your favor. Deal with it.

Coming here with accusations, trash talk, and complaints towards the participants and organizers of this COMMUNITY event does nothing except introduce a lot of bitterness and ill-will amongst the COMMUNITY that we are a part of.

As an outfit leader I would have expected the TR team to come out with a diplomatic response to this thread, and put a muzzle on the few bad apples making you look like sore losers. And if they refuse to wear the muzzle, give em the boot. Because all this butthurt looks worse than the beating you took during the match itself.

I should know, BWC got destroyed against DA in the 2nd CC. We had a rule change right before the match. It sucked, we lost hard (but played all 4 rounds and actually won the last round) and I'm 99% sure that regardless of the rules DA would have beat us. We quietly gave our constructive feedback regarding the rules/format to Reachcast, and publicly congratulated DA on their performance. As far as I'm concerned, this thread should be locked as it has already done enough damage to TXR/MERC and the otherwise positive competitive community that has been growing over the last few months.
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