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While playing VS on Emerald tonight I got owned several times in a row by the NC player "SGSwift". He is good to be sure, but he is one of those guys who somehow always manages to surge-o-port all over the screen really badly and very consistantly. Some people who surge you can actually fight, others warp like lunitics and you can't really return fire. You just have to try and guess their location and spam that area.

I finally gunned him down after about 6 or 7 tries by just firing where I knew he had to be and not where I actually saw him.

Fortunately SGSwift is the only NC on Emerald with this "Gift" that i've seen consistantly have this ability... on Markov there used to be several such as "XeonProc", "lllSilencerlll", "SaPhiRe", etc... You just can't fight these guys because they are effectively surging agile cloakers with jackhammers... except that darklight won't help you see them...

The later on in a tower battle I step outside to be killed by "TheDarkSlayer" a TR player with an invisible Reaver... no sound, no graphic, just massive damage and death when you step outside... It's nothing the TR player did, it's just PS lag as usual on a busy night...

After being annoyed by PS lag issues I made a huge mistake. I loaded up Quake 3 Arena and played a few games of Capture the Flag on a server that I ping well to.

OMG it felt good to have things like aim and skill be a factor in a fight again... the faster paced action and pin point accuracy of the weapons was a nice change from PS. No retarded COF and no surge-o-portation/low FPS server-side lag. Just a fast pace test of tactical skill. Of course then I miss the vehicular and superior team-play aspects of PS... so both games leave me... unsatisfied...

Man, only if PS was as playable as Q3A... Or Q3A had the depth of PS... but, sadly the technology is just not here yet...
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