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Originally Posted by SilverLord
We all have seen SGswift port around, just deal with it, stfu, and kill him. He's a really cool guy and just talk to him, he might acually explain to you why this happens and he isn't banned.

Talk to the guy without calling him a cheater before you rant on him.

I apologize if it sounded like I was accusing anyone of anything. Ive just noticed that some specific players have a knack of always treating you to a lagged or bugged experience every time you engage them in a fight. I dunno if it has something to do with their PC, bandwidth, combination of the two, or whatever. All I know is some people you just cant fight because of a persistent glitch.

Anyway, as I mentioned in another post I conservatively estimate that about 30% of my deaths in PS are due to some type of lag related glitch in game play. Likewise many of the players I waste Im sure lagged in some way. I just rarely get the feeling that I had a good clean fight and that the best player won. As time goes on Im finding this less and less acceptable.
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