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Hehe, I was fighting some SG last night (anyone else notice how they go to continents where the TR and VS are fighting and harrass the VS? They might do it to the TR too, wouldn't know, but twice in as many days I saw them doing disruption tactics against the VS who were fighting the TR). It was on the northern part of Forseral (while VS was tied up at Caer against the TR), and they were mostly in aircraft (not sure where they were getting them, they had no bases. Jacked or hacked them out of our bases I suppose), and I pretty much suck when it comes to flying against these guys. I'm normally an....average pilot. I don't profess to be anything more, so when I go against these 'l33t' pilots I consistantly get owned, but just about everyone else I can usually handle in a fair fight.

Anyhow, I was using my secondary character "Meandering" and was helping to stop them with a few others, occasionally attempting to dogfight them, though mostly engaging them air to ground, or ground to air (Lancer can finally shoot down aircraft consistantly now, yay!). After we finally got them off the cont I was at the Dropship center about to get a new aircraft and head south when I saw someone heading to the air terminal on radar. I assumed it was a cloaker and I pulled out my AMP (had my Lancer in my rifle slot) and waited for him to arrive at the door, when who but SGSwift burst through the door with a sweeper! Scared the crap out of me, but I wasn't about to go down with a fight, so I futilely (or so I thought) fired my AMP blindly at him. After strafing around randomly and keeping my finger on my trigger and crosshairs on him...I won (with about 25 health and no armor to spare). He sent me a tell claiming he was tired...I responded that he must have been or I wouldn't have stood a chance hehe. Had a good laugh about that one. Only time I have ever beaten SGSwift one on one that I can remember.
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