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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

Originally Posted by Raymac View Post
Considering the extremely deep skill trees that the devs have been excitedly mentioning, it sounds like that train has already left the station. If you are hoping for PS2 to have the PS1 cert system, it's already too late and you are just going to have to deal with it.

Also, I'm getting a sense in your posts that you kinda don't like Max units. I wonder how much you actually use them, because you keep talking about this TTK with decis as if infantry don't go behind cover between shots and use the Max's slow speed and agility against them. While it's true that AI Maxes just melt infantry (that kind of is what their purpose is), I don't have much luck killing infantry with AA or even AV Maxes. That doesn't mean other players don't have better skill, but it's not as easy as you seem to think.

I guess my point about Maxes is that I don't think they are as broken as you seem to say. I love your idea of 1 Max suit + different weapon attachments, but I think you are overstating the power of the Max vs. Infantry w/ AV.
I have no doubt certs are already changed/etc, doesn't mean I can't dislike it.

And you'd be right, I don't like max units. That being said I HAVE used them substantially, my main TR (BR40/CR5) has max user plat , and my NC (33/5) has plat as well. They take almost no effort to use and it boggles my mind how dumb some people are. Want to take on a corner camping deci user with a MAX? Hit autorun, run against the wall for a second to build speed, run up stairs at full speed (use special ability if applicable, poor TR), own decimator users face. Need to turn around to shoot the guy behind you, flick up mouse DPI from 400 to 6000, turn around switch back, own deci users face. At close range like that the deci user is also going to injure HIMSELF, allowing you to kill him even faster.

I've been told by a couple different people I can use a burster like it's a scatmax, I don't miss. The only AA max I see that should struggle against infantry is the starfire, and that's only when the target is more then 10m away. Using a max is like using the microwave, does all the work for you. Who knows, maybe my level of ability with my crappy laptop just far exceeds thousands of other players. Maxs are broken, it's just dumb people use them the most. No offense.

Originally Posted by Rbstr View Post
I've been playing scatter max recently.
It's great...until you run into more than one person with a deci...which is about all the time.

Really, that's how it should be. It stomps face until it runs into it's moral enemy. The only problem is the prevalence of the deci. In indoors fights, more people have them than don't.
I only run into trouble with 3 decis users in my scat (unless I'm corner camping, then they're all dead). Shield > Decimator

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