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Re: TR Tank Destroyer concept: Controller

After drawing the <a>TR Controller Tank Destroyer with its rotary 85mm cannons, next up is the New Conglomerate's answer:

The Vanquish.

(Yes, I once made a Vanquish concept for the original PlanetSide as well. The name remains good! :P)

A tank destroyer with a Gauss cannon that fires 200mm shells. It should be able to either have standard reload times, or as a secondary mode a charge up shot that releases automatically and consumes more power, but also provides more alpha damage in line with the NC spirit of hit hard with as few shells as possible and ask questions later.

The design was mostly inspired by the NC's Vanguard, the Porsche Ferdinand (Elephant) and similar tank destroyers. Note the batteries on the front.

Given it's a Gauss gun (thus magnetism), there's little recoil to be expected, so deployable stabilisers aren't required.
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