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Re: TR Tank Destroyer concept: Controller

Originally Posted by ChipMHazard View Post
I like the concepts and the idea behind it, giving those wanting to drive alone something heavier than a Lightning to do so in. Good way to introduce a new tank role while also getting a good excuse to make MBTs require more crews.
Only snag I see is possibly the Magrider, which is already like a hovering tank destroyer when you look at the design. But so far I really like your design.
Three ways to go about that really:

1. Keep Magrider as MBT, but change the turret to include both guns for gunners.

2. Strip the turret from the Magrider, turn it into a Tank Destroyer and simply add a new tank.

Neither is an extreme amount of model reworking, it would just have to be done.

3. Add a new TD and keep the Magrider as is as a two crew medium tank (significantly less hitpoints than the other empire's MBTs and probably lighter weaponry as well), rather than a heavy tank. The balance would then be three full Mags equal to two other MBTs. However, they'd basically have a light and a heavy TD with extras then and no tank that is really good while fighting on the move. Of course, given it can strafe, that compensates a bit. That they'd be the only left with a soloable heavier tank might actually be quite powerful.

EDIT: Actually, there's a fourth option: create a two-crew mid-armour range vehicle class between MBT and TDs. >.> But that's even more work.

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