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Re: PS Code of Honor Pact

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
I don't think the pushed back date has anything to do with PS1; they moved the date for all the SOE All Access Program changes. I highly doubt they made such a drastic schedule change because they want to fix a few bugs in PS1...
I gotta agree with mouser on this one. The changes aren't necessarially for the PS1 code so much as the subscription/authentication servers.

As for how the population turns out, we'll have to wait and see. during the free months I really only played for the first few days, maybe a week. Then after realizing that any time I spent on it would go *poof* in such a short time I'd stop.

I am curious to see the populations when it does go F2P. It's just almost impossible to say what will happen. I mean there's really 2 major factors
1) Graphics too dated so people overlook the fun of gameplay.
2) Gameplay too good so people can overlook the dated graphics.

pop goes up or down based on those 2. (I throw bugs and hackers into the gameplay factor as those are negatives to the superior gameplay over PS2)
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