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Originally Posted by kubacheski View Post
I am curious to see the populations when it does go F2P. It's just almost impossible to say what will happen. I mean there's really 2 major factors
1) Graphics too dated so people overlook the fun of gameplay.
2) Gameplay too good so people can overlook the dated graphics.
TBH, I think the main factor will be whether we ever reach the critical mass of players needed to make the game generally fun. Hardcore vets with outfitmates to play with can have fun with 100 people on the server, but in order to be fun enough to attract and keep new players we'll need a quite a few more players.

That was the problem on the last round of f2p, we never got enough players ingame that new players found it fun to play, people just trickled in a few at a time and left when they realized the pops weren't high enough to sustain good fights.

Yogi Berra once said: "Nobody goes there any more, it's too crowded." What we have here is a chance for the opposite problem; not enough people want to play because not enough people want to play...

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