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Re: twelve hours downtime for current SOE maintenance...

Originally Posted by synkrotron View Post
Hmmm... Perhaps I should give it a try

Is it still played by many, this legendary Planetside game?

Regarding the update, I'm a PS7 account holder so I'm going through all the All Access plan stuff with no real benefit to myself... Ah well... such is virtual life
Well I've just been on and the fight is better than usually happens on Miller at this time of the day.

However, if you do take a look remember it's a game where the development began in the year 2000 and a lot of players were still using dial-up. What's more the aspect that the vets mostly praise (the metagame) won't be immediately obvious to a new player.

Gurra from my outfit tried it last night and was taken aback a bit by the fact that when you respawn you are not wearing a load out but you have to go and equip at a terminal.

If you're used to PS2 you wonder why it's like that and it seems on first sight as unnecessary. On the other hand, stuff like that and also being able to see the weapons that people are carrying on their backs, doors, having to travel to get anywhere (no easy redeploy that I abuse a lot), hacking a base means inserting a virus into the control console to change ownership. All of those types of thins add to 'immersion' at the expense of immediacy. I like it but probably some won't get it.
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