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Remnants of Oshur or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Battle Islands

Logging please wait...

Broadcast Intercepted at location: Indar Comm Array

Status: Decoding...

Message: Advance expedition Chief Geologist confirmed landmasses have ceased continental drift - plans for vehicle access and transit have been surveyed at key sites. Chief expedition leader has requested Nanite Systems infrastructure (standard continent colonization footprint) be provided at designated target sites of ESCALATION and DESOLATION. Infrastructure plans and resource pipelines to designated "gates" are to be completed at soonest opportunity. Wait out further transmission.



Ok so snippet of scene setting aside.. when I first heard about battle islands I was pretty stoked based on the Nexus fly through and the fact they were touted as being able to be completed much faster than entire continents however they have obvious drawbacks that I don't think make them very appealing as individual pass throughs of a single direction:
  • Scaled as a 250 pop cap in mind (competitive games reduced pop count).
  • 250 pop caps aren't "large scale" in the "planet" context.
  • First come, first served because of this pop cap - pseudo instancing.
  • Using them as a pass through adds nothing to a global lattice design.
  • Limited numbers will see it as part of normal gameplay.
  • Numerous flow issues on trying to enter BI's as individual isles.

Suggestion, Remnants of Oshur or: How Battle Islands should be the 5th (and possibly 6th) Continent - and play a useful part in continental lattice.
  • 4 isles connected by key bridges - foot holds on bridges to alleviate "corridor shooter" syndrome.
  • Smaller footprint overall than a continent - still holds reasonable population est. 750 - 1000 with 4 isles.
  • 3 warp gates for continental lattice - more than just a pass through of a one way ticket.
  • Isles are accessible to the general populace so they are not taken "out" of the game; instances of them can be generated for competitive play matches as a separate thing.
  • 3 or 4 isle configuration options (750 or 1000 pop potential).
  • Assuming they do indeed take 2 months - fully interlaced isle network in approx 6 months.
  • 4th isle allows for future warp gate link if required as more continents are added.

Remnants of Oshur concept.

Continental lattice concept with sanctuaries.

This idea grouping the BI's together effectively gives a 5th continent of game space to contest over and whilst overall possibly marginally smaller than a whole continent pushes the population cap to be more inclusive - whilst also providing an ingame training ground for the competitive purpose of BI's.

Haven't posted on here for a while now however thought I might run this idea past some of the PSU community for any constructive thoughts and different perspective.

Tl:dr - Scene setting, a look at the flaws of BI concept and how they fit in the larger picture, suggestion of 5th / 6th "continent" made up of isle clusters to allow firstly more gaming areas, secondly step towards continental lattice in providing much needed continent links.
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