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Originally Posted by exLupo View Post
And 4) You gain the ability to see around corners. T is being removed for a reason.

Perhaps not free intel. Replace it with "excessive and easily obtained intel". As far as your bullet points, only the first means much. You only waste ammo if you don't hit someone so using grenades as radar pings is something that experience tempers. However, running the risk of friendly fire implies that the user can't read their mini-map and, at that point, using aoe weapons at all is enough of a danger.

However, you've essentially argued in favor of removing the hit flash. You are of the opinion that using it for intel is inefficient and dangerous. Even without the intel argument, if your points actually are of merit then having the flash accomplishes little so removing it would have little benefit. If the intel argument holds water then removing the flash has great benefit. Removing it is a win/win regardless of which argument is best. Or both!
Getting a hit marker =\= 3rd person wall humping

I'm sorry, you just can't equivicate the 2.

Also, while you were observant that I was conceding the risks of using it for intel, you misunderstood my point. Essentially, the choice to throw a grenade around a corner is a risk/reward calculation. Throwing a grenade contains certain risks and rewards, while NOT throwing a grenade and poking around the corner first ALSO carry certain risks and rewards.

Frankly, whether you get a hit marker or not, people will still make that risk / reward calculation of whether or not to throw a grenade (or maybe a jammer or flashbang) around a blind corner. My preference is for hit markers on all weapons without cherry picking.
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