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Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

Voted yes. Mainly because it worked fine in PS1 and I don't like how gaming companies continuously fix things that aren't broken to begin with. SOE is really REALLY good at that. Leave everything that made PS1 epic at the start in PS2, polish it up, and then add the new concepts.

Hit markers were great in PS1. They weren't game changing, everyone could use them as creatively as possible (throwing nades a round a corner to see if people were there is an annoying but ok tactic to use) and it never condemned you to certain doom just because someone got a hit marker on you.

I can understand and respect the arguments to remove them, but since they were a double edged sword to everyone (meaning you benefited from them just as much as the enemy) it doesn't really need to be changed.

Isn't broken, don't fix it.
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