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Re: Possible upcoming changes to Spawn Rules

Stop trying to micro-manage my gaming experience, who cares if you can deploy anywhere on the map... There has been too much struggle to push everyone into battles. The best a battles I have had have been completely organic where forces clash and others were able to quickly re-enforce the troops, to create amazing hour long battles of random locations. Making you have to work to get to a location to have the battle over before you get there is a pain and sucks the fun factor out of the game. Our outfit many times with use gals to locations and sometime jump around redeploying to get to battles soon, having optional to play the game makes it exciting and fun.
If ppl what to rapid deploy to save a base I welcome them, gives me more to kill and causes me to work harder, plus rapid deploying discourages the ghost capers b/c you can bounce over and stop them.

If you want to only use transports to get around the battlefield that is your choice, but don't wreck it for everyone.
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