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Re: Possible upcoming changes to Spawn Rules

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I'd like to see Squad Deploy taken out altogether. In it's current form, we see this being an instant spawn exploit outside of using a spawn beacon just like the old map deploy system. If squads and platoons need to drop in to a location, then they should be using a beacon or a Galaxy. Pretty sure the intended use of this was to gather up squads that had been scattered across the map. It's definitely not being used much in this way but rather a free hot drop for flanking tactics.

Sure would also like to see Base/AMS binding come to the game as respawn options and make a recall to Warpgate a separate button action!
I am not sure about removing it all together as the main reason for it being in there is still appropriate, but certainly put a highly restrictive cooldown timer on it >15 minutes or so, anything that encourages people to travel in vehicles instead of teleporting around the map.
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