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Re: "How long will you wait for optimization?" - ReachCast Episode 49 CQ

Originally Posted by Mox View Post
It is way too late. The crowd already left ps2 months ago. Ps2 isnt even worth playing for free anymore. The game is almost dead.
Therefore, big props to smed and co. for ruining this game by rushing it out way too early.
Nonsense. One and all, except for the game being rushed. That I do agree with.

I agree with Geo, I think we will start seeing more players voicing their dissatisfaction in a month or so. 3-4 months? I can see a lot of players taking a break from the game, I might even do so myself... For the third time. Of course every time players take a break from the game you [SOE] runs the risk of losing them entirely. The reason why I believe this, is that when I started playing again I saw that people had apparently grown tired of fighting in alerts on Miller, I assume that it's more or less the same on all the servers. What else is there to the game, besides the alerts?
But I'm hoping that it won't take more than... Say two months.
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