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Re: "How long will you wait for optimization?" - ReachCast Episode 49 CQ

Honstly what started my burn out of the game was the fact that I expected to crash at least once every play session.

I'll say that again. I EXPECTED to crash at least once every time I played.

For those of you who don't know me, I love to make videos of my outfits raid on Thursday. I like to think I have just as much fun editing the video as much as I like to play the game.

But, logging in every Thursday. Trying to make a video, find some really good fights or some really cool footage. Then crashing mid way through said fight/cool thing that is happening. Come back, and its over. That in all honesty ruined a couple of raid nights for me, and ended in my logging off kinda pissed off.

I understand that this game is incredibly difficult to make and keep bug free. But as I said earlier in this post. I shouldn't be expecting to crash every time I play. Well unless its a beta. Which officially this game is not.

I started my break about Wednesday last week, and will prolly be back this Thursday. But SOE has got to get a handle on this soon. Not just for my sake, but for the entire player base. Not only am I starting to see some friends kinda move away from the game. I'm also realizing that some people that I use to see all the time on the other factions are just gone.

As much as I love to play with my buddies, this game is kinda boring without people to fight.

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