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I love empire switching. Which probably explains why my combined battle rank amongst my top chars is somewhere around BR90.

Seriously though, I love the bandwagoners, because no matter where they go, I have a char that can soak up the easy XP from them. Sometimes, it just isn't working on one empire. Pop locks, idiot CR5s (I hear rumors that other kinds of CR5 exist....still waiting to see one of these mythical beasts ), zergs, SOE forgetting they have a game to run and running server virus scans at prime time...any number of reasons why that can happen.

Rather than go "bah, PS sucks tonight" I'll hop over to Markov and try my VS alts...if they're not working either, I come back to Emerald and try first my alt in the first empire, and failing that, switch empires. Generally speaking I'll find one character who gels...and then the experience rackups begin!

While I have six secondary characters or so...all three of my primaries date back to around release, so it's not like I float around because I want to use the "flavor of the month" weapon...I just like variety. Plus it's damn fun to track down your outfit buddies and blow them straight to hell. I actually find myself playing on the side that's got the fewest people...more targets for me.
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