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Sergeant Major

The game is better than it was before...but if you thought it sucked then, it probably sucks now.

I still having fun, and I'm coming up on the one year anniversary come Easter...a lot of people on this board are even closer than that.

A game that can still occupy me for five or six hours per session after playing it for a year *must* be something special.

Anyone ever consider what a great value PS is? Yeah, we all like to bitch and moan about the $13 a month (or $12 in my case), but when I sit down and actually play...I'd wager that I squeeze in about 20-30 hours in a month.

12/30 = 40 cents an hour for entertainment. Compare this to a movie which is four dollars an hour, just on the ticket price. I still think wargames models are the best value, but PS isn't that bad either.
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