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Infinite Loop, the devs have looked into the speed-step issue for a long time and if the people who designed the game cant fix it after so many months then the best thing they can do is aliviate the problem in any way they can until they find another solution.
The only people i see complaining are the surgile bunner hoppers, who are losing their unfair advantage.

Perhaps when the issue is resolved surge can re-introduced to its orginal state, until then i am happy to see the devs responding to such an important issue wit hthe best fix available to them at the time.

Anyone whos sees the Devs as lazy is in my eyes ignorant and perhaps foolish, their workload is immense and anyone who thinks they can do better...then you should go make your own game and see how well it turns out, or even better, shut up and let them get on with their hard work and solve problems more quickly without having to be subjected to pre-pubesent whining.

For the record, i am not whining, this is merely a structured statement :P "STFU n00b" and/or "omfg" were not used
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