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Infinite Loop, i disagree.
The devs cannot find a way to fix speed-step warping, if they could, they would fix it simple as that.
So why should they put 100% of their resources into something that theyve alreadt spent months trying to figure out?

As for how many times ive been surge killed, id say that less than 2% of my deaths are caused by warping. Thats still 2% too much.

I dont understand your satire towards my Bunny hoping surgile expression, since jumping during the surge is what causes the problem in the first place.

You mention several times the "loss of subscriptions".
Lets face it, if your quitting because of an implant change, no-one will miss you.
You cannot argue that NC are receiving a nerf because of this either, as you can still surge to the enemy position then get your weapon out.

Perhaps you just like the speed and the how easy it is for the enemy to miss you when moving so...but i'll say this, we're not playing Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament, if you want fast paces annihilistic gameplay, play those games instead, Planetside a large scale tactical war game, which should not have players zipping around on their feet 'dominating' everyone around them at supersonice speeds whilst remaining un-hittable.

Oh btw, if this or any other of my posts seem aimed at you i apologise, that is not their intention, i just dont understand why you are trying to defend surge-warpers so diligently.

The community wants them out, the devs have a solution, its not perfect, but its something and the community will sacrifice the handful of players who cant handle change nor adapt to new scenarios, so we can enjoy this game we all love and want to suceed.
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